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GLITCH is a niche hybrid magazine for the digital natives and print enthusiasts, driven by fashion, technology and new talent.


Our mission is to expose new talent to the industry helping them build the necessary bridges between their dreams and reality. 


As a visually-driven magazine, we are establishing a hybrid model which brings the unique, personal and collectable experience of print while enhancing it with innovative technology, to bring the experience of creative content to a whole new level. By introducing AR technology into print media, we'll create sensory-stimulating content to showcase our talent and brands, maximising community and business-to-consumer engagement. 


At GLITCH we are aware the world is changing, being innovative should not come at the expense of being environmentally conscious. We believe Print is the ultimate medium to give you emotional and sensory connections otherwise lost in digital media. So we are faced with the challenge of maintaining a balance between delivering a high-quality experience without it costing the earth. Our focus on technology and innovation encourages us to embrace this challenge to develop a model where GLITCH can stay true to its purpose while being sustainable too. 

Our road to sustainability is long and not perfect, but we are committed to identifying ways to make every aspect of our future print production sustainable. As a subscription-based magazine - we will not print more than YOU need. GLITCH is made not to be thrown away, so we will deliver a high-quality magazine that can live in your shelves or coffee tables forever - a worthy collectable.


 My name is Fernanda, I am the Founder of GLITCH Magazine.

 Our core principles are New Talent, Print, Technology. 


I started GLITCH as a project that aims to help recognise new talent in a highly competitive industry, drawing from my own experience. When I first started studying in 2015, I started off as a Fashion designer at Marangoni and found myself constantly looking for a team of peoplephotographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, models, you name it, in networks like Facebook groups for Creatives looking to collaborate. And at times even amongst my university friends. I had little to almost no budget to produce the high-quality work to meet my course requirements, but most importantly the high-quality work I wanted and knew I could achieve. It was only until 2018 that I started developing GLITCH, where my goal was to create a platform that would help showcase and promote new talent to the highly competitive industry.

So to achieve this, GLITCH is here to connect you to talented creatives, to collaborate, and to expose you to the industry.
Our current approach is working collaboratively using our current predicament (Quarantine) as a driving force to get creative. Many have stopped doing what they're good at and love to do because of the no contact rule. But we aim to use it to our advantage, and encourage you to get creative!

We look forward to changing the game together. #IAMGLITCH

Fernanda From GLITCH